My encounter with God!


God is REAL!  Yes, the same God that created our existence, The Almighty Alpha The Omega! He really does exist today. I had an encounter with him on February 5, 2021. In my house in Jersey City.  He came to me at a perfect time in my life because I was at a place in my life where I wasnt sure what I believed in anymore. When I met him I was amazed at his Power! He is in control of everything still til this day! He controlled me like a puppet.  Delivering me from my sins.  Telling me to hold his mighty right hand and not let him go! God is a comforter, a healer! He is a great God. He changed my life this day! I will never forget everything that he told me and promised me.  I owe him everything! He delivered me from my demons.  He came to my aid so that I could stay strong and righteous in the time of need.  He told me to pray and to focus on his Word.  He told me to live a Joyful and Happy life! He told me to spread my experience and explain to people everything he did to me and to help and heal others and to grow in my faith in him. 

    2020 almost broke me! My faith was tested, my courage and my wisdom, I almost lost myself out here trying to survive. Just watching all of the death around me, all the pain around the world. Millions of people dying so fast! So sudden. It was hard trusting anybody at this time. Everyone is lying!! Its hard to watch anything online or on TV everything is just kaos! I never thought I would be apart of something soo disastrous. I never thought the United States Of America would have to go through all of this trauma and despair at one time. I prayed it would stop everyday but yet it is still getting worst! It makes you question everything.  But Sometimes you dont want to say anything because what can you actually say to ease anyone's pains? For the families In my community, I know we are struggling, we are looking for direction. So many people are falling victim to their struggles waiting for relief from our State leaders, our Mayors and Governors, our unethical Unemployment Systems., our stingy SNAP Food Stamps, our failing Social Security systems., failing schools, our police systems!  Where is all of this money that we have given you people for years for situations like this? Why is our government arguing over $600 dollar payments for 8 months.. why are we not doing better like $2000 monthly payments like other civilized nations are doing for their people? Residual Monthly Checks should have been given to us since last year! It should STILL be given to us and our families for all of the pain that COVID 19 did to our lives.

   Our planet is weak.  Our faith is fragile.  All we can do is just praise The Lord! Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY PERSON WHO CAN FIX ALL THIS! WE CANT MANAGE THIS STRUGGLE ANYMORE! Where do we find the strength anymore. The Devil real but the Devil is a liar!  Our faith has to come from God. His word says, That Our Lord will be a strength! A Stronghold in our time of need. I have kept my faith STRONG!

    But as we have to deal with all of the struggles here on earth, we also have to deal with issues in The Spiritual world as well! I bring this up because since we have been stuck in our homes soo much, ive started to notice alot more unexplained things happening to me that you can only trust in God for safety.  Spirits are Real. Deamons are Real. They are all around us, possessing our friends and family members that are lost out here. Then they get into other people's heads and spread their hate. Evil is more organized now, more strategic. Its stronger than ever before. They have all the power and money. They lead by fear and control. They brainwash people into doing things that are completely not like them at all. Its really deep.  Ever since 2016 I've noticed these people manipulating others, their thirst is SOO REAL! They can't help but to force themselves on you. They find something that your attracted to about them then they use that to their advantage. They steal all your joy and your happiness, your energy.  All your success and your light.  By the time you notice it, they are gone. They have drained you for all you got and then they are on to the next victim that will listen to their lies. They drain you mentally, they make you vulnerable by preying on our weaknesses, insecurities and your flaws.  They try to take your soul.  You have to believe in God! He is the only thing that can save us from things we can't even see. 

     Im happy that God has found me! That he has shown mercy to me! That he forgave me. He is worthy of our Glory. He will save you from everything evil. He is everlasting and full of The Holy Spirit! His love and sacrifices, his faithfulness for all of his children.   Even though we sin, he forgives us!.  You need to just listen for the voice of God. He is around us all the time.  Waiting for us to call on him. Jesus is coming back and when he does he is coming to be the Judge.  He isnt coming to break bread and sing praises. He is coming back to gather his sheep and to cast judgement on those who dont ask for his forgiveness.  Make sure your in order. 

    Make sure your homes and your families are safe.  Keep a strong prayer life with God.  You dont need to pray by the book. Talk to him like a human being.  He will listen. He will connect with anyone who actually attempts to seeks him. Ask him for his help. Tell him Thank you for protecting you and bringing you to this Blog. Those who believe The Lord will be saved! His good grace is amazing. He is a forgiving God.  So no matter what you have done you can turn things around for the good. You are a child of God.. You have power over any evil spirit. Tap into that power.  Tap into your light, your vortex with God. Your personal connection with him is yours! So connect with him anyway that you can. He is your biggest Cheerleader.  He is always on your side. He heals all diseases. He is my redeemer!! I encourage you to start speaking to him now..  Just ask for him to come into life, into your heart and repair you. We aren't strong enough to deal with these things on our own. You need divine support.  Let him Repair your body and your mind and let The Holy Ghost lead your spirit.  The Holy Spirit will give you the strength to overcome. You have to repent and submit to The Lord. Ask him for forgiveness and listen to his critiques. Be silent and humble. He is never wrong. Your faith doesn't need to be strong immediately,  build it on your pace. Trust and believe that He will deliver you each and everytime. You only need to have a little faith.. faith as small as a grain of mustard seed!  If you feel like your drowning in sin, ask him for deliverance.  In this moment, raise your faith and tell him all of your struggles. Tell him all of your fears and doubts.  Tell him all of your financial struggles.  Tell him all of your relationship issues and battles with friends and family.  He increases strength.  You shall run and not be weary.  Pray for strong faith and testify to Jesus Christ!  Live with the authority that you have been given by his blood.  Thank the Lord for his unending Love.  He is your rock and your refuge!