The Omega Brand

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These pieces represent creation! They are made to bring out your best vibrations, as well as your unique style with everything you do. You make the rules, you control the settings and terms. Your word is the 1st and the last. You demand every scene, every environment. They represent Strength and Endurance. Creating something from the beginning and sticking it out to the end. Courage, to never fail! Force! Drive! Power! The King Of All Kings!

Made with Green Jade, Pink Rose & Carnelian Red Aventura beads, Gold Helux Combos with various colors, White Tigger Eye Beads, White Opalescent Beads, Rose, Silver & Gold Lava Balls as well as some deluxe King adjustable pieces brought back from our King Collection that fit right in with these pieces, as well as some other throwbacks. All inspired by The Alpha, The Omega! The Almighty God.